Thursday, May 2, 2013

Springtime on Holley Creek Farm

We've been busy here on Holley Creek Farm! Some of you may have joined us last week for our Annual Meeting & Birthday Bash (we're 20 this year, in case you hadn't heard!) - in that case, you got to see firsthand how beautiful the farm is looking these days. Staff, board, and volunteers have all been hard at work preparing our land for all the festivities of summer.

Farmer Paul at the Annual Meeting & Birthday Bash
Our tobacco barn is looking good - it got a much needed tidying and will once again host Farm Day Camp this summer. Farmer Paul is in the process of fencing off the garden to make it into a humans-only zone (or as close to it as possible). We have a lot of animal friends who would love to hunt for bugs or scratch in the soft soil, plus those who would be more than happy to harvest everything Farmer Paul has worked so hard to plant. This will help bring us one step closer to GAP compliance.

If you're familiar with the landscape at Rural Resources, you might notice something is missing the next time you come for a visit - our antique barn is no longer there! Due to its age, it was no longer safe to use for Farm Day Camp. Now we have a new sunny patch with endless possibility. We're thinking it might turn into a pavilion space for picnics or summertime events - but who knows? It could be anything!

We hope that you'll have a chance to join us at some of our many events this summer. Coming up soon: Seasonal Suppers on the Farm, every Thursday evening in June and July (excepting July 4th). We'll be serving a local foods dinner prepared by a local chef, enjoying music and fellowship and the great outdoors. Keep an eye out for more details on our Events Calendar. And the Mobile Farmers' Market will reopen for ordering this month - hop on over to our online ordering system to make sure you're set up to receive the notifications of what's on the market.

See you on the farm!