Sunday, September 11, 2016

K-9 Odie Visits Rural Resources!

Some of our Farm and Food Teen Training program kids had an opportunity to meet K–9 Odie from the Greene County Sheriff's Office this weekend! Odie and his human handler, Deputy Scottie Greene, presented a drug awareness program in our Rotary Pavilion. 

The kids and staff learned about several drugs, their harmful effects and the legal consequences that can result from using them. 

Odie and Deputy Greene also demonstrated some k-9 training and answered questions about drugs, police work and dog training. 

Deputy Greene did most of the talking, sharing some stories of his police work with K-9 partners, while Odie gave kisses. 

We would like to note that the event was provided at no cost to Rural Resources.  Odie and Greene enjoy getting to know folks in their community and would be happy to visit your organization. They can be reached at the Greene County Sheriff's Office or via Facebook at Rio Odie.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7th Annual Incredible Corn Dinner!


Once again, our Incredible Corn Dinner was a success. With over 100 guests, the night was full of great food and lively entertainment. Ella Price prepared out guests with pork with blackberry BBQ sauce, many different salads, corn on the cob, and more.

We can't for get about dessert, can we?

The corn dinner was decorated beautifully with flowers from Rural Resources and they were arranged by Healing with Flowers. 

In other news, the outhouse is out!

Clearing the ground for the new building has began! The outhouse is no longer standing and everyone is excited about this new building. This will help the Farm and Food Teen Training Program tremendously because it will provide a clean environment with kitchens ad bathrooms. Classes will take place in the building classrooms as well as the Chopped Cook Off competition. 
  But we have ran into a small setback, we still need to raise some money for the building! Below there is a web address you can copy and paste in your browser that will show you where you can donate. Any little bit helps!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Invite: Rural Resources' 7th Annual Incredible Corn Dinner

Get your tickets today before it's too late!

Ticket Sales:



Local Food & Arts Festival 2016

We had a successful day on the farm for the Local Food & Arts Festival on June 25. We could not have done this without the Tennessee Arts Commission, United States Department of Agriculture's National Insitute of Food & Agriculture, all of our musicians, artists, sponsors, volunteers and staff.
We also owe a huge thank you to all who came to support the festival.
We hope you had a wonderful time here on the farm. 

To see what the festival was like, click here:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All Work And . . Some Play!

Classes, Classes, Classes!

Here's our teens cooling off in the creek after class!

Catastrophic Kitchen Chicken Nuggets: 

Emily is the apple of our                  Alyssa is learning to prepare 
                eye.                                                   chicken. 

The teens went to the UT Extension Office this week for a class led by Kitty. They practiced their knife safety skills and ability to follow a recipe. The dish of the day was a Poppyseed Chicken Salad with strawberries and apples. The kids were skeptical at first, but they were fighting for the last bite by the end of the class! They all took a recipe home and plan to make this for their families. This week they also met with Kitty to make pizzas and at the farm to learn about drying herbs!

The V-Team: 

Kayla, from the office, led the class on rain barrels. The teens painted them and learned all about their use. Rain barrels can collect rainwater o be used to water the garden. It is a historic farming practice. the teens enjoyed the class very much and some even said they would like to use the practice on their own gardens! 
But the barrels weren't the only ones painted!


Mark it on your calendar, because it's going to be great! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Things Are "Hopping" Down at the Farm!

Yes, things are hopping at the farm today!

Four young ladies who graduated from the Farm and Food Teen Training Program in the last few years have returned as interns. They spent the morning hard at work in the rabbit barn that houses mini rex, angora and meat rabbits. They scrubbed enclosures, cleaned the barn and groomed the angoras. Great job, ladies!

While the interns were hard at work, Miss Debbie taught a class about food preservation. The teens will soon be in the kitchen at First Presbyterian Church, one of our important and much appreciated community partners, to get some hands-on experience with making jam. Some of us are hoping a jar will find its way to the office. We will gladly serve as volunteer taste testers!

Farmer Melissa kept busy -- as always -- harvesting produce and flowers and preparing them for market. In addition to CSAs, she hosts a unique outdoor dining and movie experience at her River House Farm. You can find out more about that on Facebook and Instagram @riverhousefarm.


And littlest, but certainly not least, our little sprouts in Farm Day Camp learned about worms and how seeds sprout.  Robin and Joy kept it fun and provided many experiential learning opportunities along the way. 

Whew! Summer has barely begun and the farm is already a busy place! You won't want to miss out on any of it, so check our website and Facebook page often to keep in touch -- or better yet, come on down and see us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Kickoff!

Summer has just begun and so have the activities!
 As rays of light start shining through the treetops,
our teens are shining even brighter.


Alyssa Mabry and Janice Graf                         Maryem Sherman

        On June 2, "Catastrophic Kitchen Chicken Nuggets" met out at the farm under the new pavilion for a preservation class. Janice Graf, the mother of our own Debbie Strickland, led the class on making strawberry jam! The teens learned how to sterilize the jars, use pectin to thicken, and use basic canning equipment including the hot water bath canner.

Say hello to Taylor Boles and The V-Team!

Taylor Boles is Rural Resources new Garden Manager! Taylor is going to college for Environmental Engineering. She has attended Warren Wilson and Walter's State. She is in charge of teaching the teens all about how to maintain a garden. They've covered pest management, plants diseases, garden maintenance, and worm composting. Every teen has the opportunity to take home some "worm tea" which is a liquid fertilizer.


This summer we have six interns working with Rural Resources. We have teens working in the office, with the rabbits, and at the Soup Kitchen with Mary Goldwin. Our interns will be very busy with summer! 

First Little Sprouts

Here we have this week's Farm Day Campers. We are in for some eventful weeks and the spots have been filling up quick! We caught them under the Rotary Pavilion after having a wonderful time in the creek. Summer is kicking off to a great start with this bunch!