Sunday, September 11, 2016

K-9 Odie Visits Rural Resources!

Some of our Farm and Food Teen Training program kids had an opportunity to meet K–9 Odie from the Greene County Sheriff's Office this weekend! Odie and his human handler, Deputy Scottie Greene, presented a drug awareness program in our Rotary Pavilion. 

The kids and staff learned about several drugs, their harmful effects and the legal consequences that can result from using them. 

Odie and Deputy Greene also demonstrated some k-9 training and answered questions about drugs, police work and dog training. 

Deputy Greene did most of the talking, sharing some stories of his police work with K-9 partners, while Odie gave kisses. 

We would like to note that the event was provided at no cost to Rural Resources.  Odie and Greene enjoy getting to know folks in their community and would be happy to visit your organization. They can be reached at the Greene County Sheriff's Office or via Facebook at Rio Odie.