Monday, June 15, 2015

Gross! Camp

  Rural Resources' second session of the 2015 Farm Day Camp  wrapped up on Friday with "Gross! Camp." First through 3rd-graders spent the week learning about bugs, dirt, worms, poop, pigs, wallowing in the mud, snakes, and even cow farts! They smelled, tasted, looked at and touched all manner of gross things. They enjoyed lots of traditional Farm Day Camp fun, too, like playing in the creek and milking the cow. Click on the video below to see some of the fun!

Soundslide Production: Lorelei Goff
Photos: Emily Greenier and Lorelei Goff
Music: Heftone Banjo Orchestra via Creative Commons Music

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Farm Day Camp: Little Sprouts!

 The 2015 Farm Day Camp sessions have begun! Summer camp season kicked off June 1-5 with a flock of Rural Resources' Little Sprouts campers frolicking in Holly Creek and learning about farming, food and sustainability. The week provided 4- and 5-year-olds with abundant opportunities for exercise in the farm-fresh air and sunshine, crafts, planting seeds and an all around good time! Take a look at some of their summer fun below. There is still time to register for the second Little Sprouts session next week. Click here to go to the link.


Craft Time

Feeding Time!

The Garden!


 The Creek!

Happy Campers!

Photos: Lorelei Goff