Saturday, June 15, 2013

I whipped up a dinner tonight for my family that I'm so proud of!  It's not so much that I consider myself a good cook, it's that the ingredients were so great that I just couldn't go wrong!  Of course they were locally sourced from our Mobile Farmers' Market's online ordering system!  Check it out!

Soft Scrambled Eggs and Chard tossed with Pasta and Mozzarella Bites:
I started with this recipe from The Splendid Table website.  Deviating based on what was actually in my fridge, I fried 2 strips of bacon and sauteed green onions that I had purchased from the Rural Resources garden in the drippings.  Next, I wilted some rainbow chard--also from the Rural Resources garden.  I removed most of the chard from the pan and added 6 beautiful, whipped, deep yellow, pasture raised eggs from Kany Farm.  I gently scrambled them and then just before they were done, I added some boiled macaroni and the chard I had set aside.   I topped it with chunks of real mozzarella cheese that was to die for made by The Cows Are Out Dairy nearby.   Wow!  We all gobbled it down and decided that the perfect end to the meal would be:

Strawberry Ice Cream with Bella's milk and strawberries from Harvest at the Bluffs Farm.  Yum!

Thank you to all of the hard working folks--Paul, Cori, Karen, Mike, Amy, Jack, Luke & Tracy--
who made my supper delicious!