Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Peachy Day at Greeneville Terrace!

While our Farm and Food Teen Training Program gets a lot of play on our blog and Facebook, it's not the only program that operates at Rural Resources. 

Community Outreach Coordinator Rhonda Hensley keeps as busy in the community as Miss Debbie does on the farm with the teens. Two of the more recent programs developed under community outreach include the partnership with Second Harvest for monthly produce distributions in low-income neighborhoods and food preservation classes at Greeneville Terrace. 

The food preservation classes meet regularly and participants have learned to can jams, jellies, soup, tomatoes, salsa, pickles, apple butter, potatoes and more. Below are some photos from the day they made peach jam. It was as delicious as it was fun!

Peeling the peaches.

Time to slice and dice!

Looks yummy!

The next step is mashing the peaches.

There was plenty for everyone to help with!

Beginning to look like jam.

Cooking it down.

Prepping the jars.

Time to fill the jars.

Getting ready to cover the jars.

Peach preserves for the pantry!

Watch for our newsletter for a story about the preservation classes!

Here are some other random pics from peach jam day:

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