Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome to the Rural Resources Blog!

Hey there! Welcome to the Rural Resources Blog!
What brings you here? Perhaps you're interested in learning more about local foods and sustainable agriculture. Perhaps you skimmed our website and you want to learn more about what we do. Perhaps you're already a Rural Resources friend, or maybe you just like pictures of pigs (that's Miss Piggy, a Hereford sow, and her first litter). Whatever the reason, we're glad you stopped by.

As you can see, we're just getting started. Soon when you visit, you'll be able to read about what our Farm & Food Training Program teens are up to, what's going on in our garden, and what to do with all that yummy produce you'll be eating this summer. In the mean time, stop by our website or visit us on Facebook.

In the mean time, in case you really do like pictures of pigs, here are a few more to tide you over until next time:
Part of the potbelly crew

Louise, another potbelly, and her litter

Less than 6 hours old!

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