Tuesday, July 19, 2016

7th Annual Incredible Corn Dinner!


Once again, our Incredible Corn Dinner was a success. With over 100 guests, the night was full of great food and lively entertainment. Ella Price prepared out guests with pork with blackberry BBQ sauce, many different salads, corn on the cob, and more.

We can't for get about dessert, can we?

The corn dinner was decorated beautifully with flowers from Rural Resources and they were arranged by Healing with Flowers. 

In other news, the outhouse is out!

Clearing the ground for the new building has began! The outhouse is no longer standing and everyone is excited about this new building. This will help the Farm and Food Teen Training Program tremendously because it will provide a clean environment with kitchens ad bathrooms. Classes will take place in the building classrooms as well as the Chopped Cook Off competition. 
  But we have ran into a small setback, we still need to raise some money for the building! Below there is a web address you can copy and paste in your browser that will show you where you can donate. Any little bit helps!


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