Monday, June 23, 2014

Rural Resources will receive $300K grant!

      Thank you to all who helped Rural Resources reach its Capital Campaign goal for the construction of a new building! 

      The June 20 deadline found the final tally at 112 percent of the matching funds needed to qualify for a $300K grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

      Work can now go forward on the construction of a new, multipurpose Farm and Food Training Center that will house a certified teaching kitchen, bathrooms, classrooms, office space and a community meeting room.

      Because of your generosity, Rural Resources will be able to serve our community more effectively and comfortably.

      "As staff, we appreciate it because we feel like we’re clowns in a clown car," said Sally Causey, Rural Resources' executive director. "You know, packed into this office trailer, which we’re absolutely grateful for. ... But just to have a space that actually has a bathroom that flushes and not having to run out to the outhouse when it’s snowing or hailing or pouring down rain. And to be more efficient all the way around."

      But although the new facility will allow staff to work more efficiently and comfortably, it's about much more than having a building. 

      "The new building is not just about bricks and mortar," Causey said. "It’s about having the programming space that we need for the kids that we work with. The teens in particular are very anxious to get into a kitchen and having a situation where they’re harvesting the food from the garden and then preparing it in a more immediate kind of way."

       Causy said one of the biggest impacts will be the freedom the children will have to explore and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

      "The kids, more than anybody, they are just so anxious," she said. "They have all of these ideas for businesses and things that they can do, and they just need a space." 

      It's not too late to contribute to the project. Donations can be made, online or by mailing a pledge card, that will provide the equipment, furniture and miscellaneous needs to complete the vision. 

      Check back often to see what's happening on the farm!

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