Thursday, June 12, 2014

can help Rural Resources receive a 
grant to rebuild!


      After fire blazed through the Rural Resources primary office and programming space in 2009, the staff began working out of a tiny construction trailer with no indoor plumbing.

      Ever resourceful and committed, they have cheerfully carried on their mission to connect farms, food and families, while working to advance food security and nutrition, environmental sustainability and local food markets within the community.

      In spite of the devasting loss, they have continued and touch the lives of children with the Farm Day Camp, the Farm and Food Teen Training Program and by bringing farming and food into local classrooms.  

      Other Rural Resources programs to serve the community include the Four Seasons Grazing Club to encourage better forage production and grazing management, the Mobile Farmers’ Market and the Food Security Task Force.

      Imagine what could be accomplished with an adequate facility! The Rural Resources team has. In fact, they have more than imagined. With the help of an architect, they have created plans for a new, multipurpose Farm and Food Training Center that would house a certified teaching kitchen, classrooms, office space and a community meeting room.


      But to make this dream a reality, Rural Resources needs your help. The organization is eligible to receive a $300,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission for the construction of the new facility, with the stipulation that they raise a local match of $100,000 by June

      Donations can be made on the website by clicking on the Capital Campaign link. Donations can also be made by printing and mailing the pledge card. Consider asking your employer if they will make a matching gift.

      Rural Resources has tenaciously clung to their mission and worked to make our community stronger. With your help to fund the multipurpose Farm and Food Training Center, Rural Resources can continue to serve the community even more effectively in the future.

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