Wednesday, June 15, 2016

All Work And . . Some Play!

Classes, Classes, Classes!

Here's our teens cooling off in the creek after class!

Catastrophic Kitchen Chicken Nuggets: 

Emily is the apple of our                  Alyssa is learning to prepare 
                eye.                                                   chicken. 

The teens went to the UT Extension Office this week for a class led by Kitty. They practiced their knife safety skills and ability to follow a recipe. The dish of the day was a Poppyseed Chicken Salad with strawberries and apples. The kids were skeptical at first, but they were fighting for the last bite by the end of the class! They all took a recipe home and plan to make this for their families. This week they also met with Kitty to make pizzas and at the farm to learn about drying herbs!

The V-Team: 

Kayla, from the office, led the class on rain barrels. The teens painted them and learned all about their use. Rain barrels can collect rainwater o be used to water the garden. It is a historic farming practice. the teens enjoyed the class very much and some even said they would like to use the practice on their own gardens! 
But the barrels weren't the only ones painted!


Mark it on your calendar, because it's going to be great! 

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