Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Kickoff!

Summer has just begun and so have the activities!
 As rays of light start shining through the treetops,
our teens are shining even brighter.


Alyssa Mabry and Janice Graf                         Maryem Sherman

        On June 2, "Catastrophic Kitchen Chicken Nuggets" met out at the farm under the new pavilion for a preservation class. Janice Graf, the mother of our own Debbie Strickland, led the class on making strawberry jam! The teens learned how to sterilize the jars, use pectin to thicken, and use basic canning equipment including the hot water bath canner.

Say hello to Taylor Boles and The V-Team!

Taylor Boles is Rural Resources new Garden Manager! Taylor is going to college for Environmental Engineering. She has attended Warren Wilson and Walter's State. She is in charge of teaching the teens all about how to maintain a garden. They've covered pest management, plants diseases, garden maintenance, and worm composting. Every teen has the opportunity to take home some "worm tea" which is a liquid fertilizer.


This summer we have six interns working with Rural Resources. We have teens working in the office, with the rabbits, and at the Soup Kitchen with Mary Goldwin. Our interns will be very busy with summer! 

First Little Sprouts

Here we have this week's Farm Day Campers. We are in for some eventful weeks and the spots have been filling up quick! We caught them under the Rotary Pavilion after having a wonderful time in the creek. Summer is kicking off to a great start with this bunch!

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